About Us

John Fryz

Pursuing photography as his passion in life, John started his photography career working as a press photographer for various publications in Queensland, before returning to his hometown of Sydney to work for editorial, corporate and design clients. John’s photography career then lead him to a live-in rooftop studio space in Melbourne where he worked for many local direct clients in the advertising and editorial arenas. Next onto Europe and based in Italy, John spent a number of years shooting for a range of European clients.

Back in Sydney and currently based in Paddington, John now focuses on personal work from self funded projects, expanding his particular love for landscape and people photography, merging these areas of interest with his commercial work. Over the past 10 years, John has developed an extensive crew and access to full service production capabilities. With sound digital imaging skills in Photoshop and Capture 1 and technical expertise in both studio and on location, he shoots numerous campaigns for a range of advertising, design and corporate clients. Often with a reportage influence, his work is characterised by intriguing composition, vibrant colour saturation and dramatic lighting.